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MAKEbhm connects with creative people in many ways, but the two most important are through classes and memberships. Our classes welcome students of various skill levels, whether they are trying something new, developing their skills with a professional instructor, or sharing a hands-on experience with others in the community. Memberships allow professionals, semi-pros, even new students, to be trained on our shared equipment, work on their own projects, and collaborate with other makers during open shop hours.


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Ceramics Skills Classes

  • Our class size is kept small (5 person max), giving you one-on-one time with our skilled instructors and the ability to explore both throwing and hand building techniques. Classes are available on Wednesday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays; the Ceramics Class Pack buys you three class sessions anytime during the three months after your purchase. 
  • Purchase the Ceramics Class Pack here.
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Woodworking Skills Classes

  • Experienced instructor, metal artist and wood worker, Joe Mcreary gives participants an overview of MAKE's most used power tools (planer, joiner, table saw, chop saw, miter saw, and drill press), then guides everyone through the process of designing and making a simple box. He’ll also focus some time on our shop culture, and the importance of proper etiquette in a community work environment. To ensure lots of hands on time on the tools, class size is kept small (6 students max).
  • Purchase the Woodworking Skills Beginner Class here.
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Gas Welding Skills Classes

Wire Welding Skills Classes

    • Spend an evening learning the basics of wire, or MIG (metal inert gas) welding from Julie Carpenter. You will learn while creating something special to take home. This fast paced class is great for those curious about working with metal. Space is limited to 4 students. Participants are also allowed to bring in their own welders to use, just check with us concerning the electrical requirements. Class size is kept small, 4 person max.
    • Purchase the Wire Welding Skills Beginner Class here.
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