The Print Studio at MAKE is home to screenprinting, film photography printing, laser cutting and engraving, and Risograph printing. It also hosts the Digital Lab with digital design software, as well as 9'x9' workspaces available for rent.


print studio

In our print studio, we make posters, T-shirts, booklets, laser engravings, and other graphic pieces—and we teach you how to make them, too. We have the capacity to screen print on paper or fabric, make prints from film photography, create zines or unique printed material with our Risograph, and learn the digital design skills to bring inspired ideas to print. Every student that takes a class leaves with several of their own pieces.

PRINT studio Classes

Intro to Screen printing

Price:  $75
Supply fee:  none
Pre-requisite:  none
Ages: 16 and up

Learn the basic skills of screen printing from the talented folks at Yellowhammer Creative. This workshop provides you with a casual, fun introduction to the materials and processes you use to use silkscreen for printing, including a brief look at how screens are created, how to select and mix inks, and how to make a smooth print onto paper and fabric. Each student will leave with their own screen printed t-shirt and poster.

NOTE: This class is a pre-requisite for Intermediate Screen Printing.

Intermediate Screen printing

Price:  $150
Supply fee:  none
Pre-requisite:  Intro to Screen Printing
Ages: 16 and up

The intermediate screen printing class gives a closer look at the process of printing with silkscreen, focusing on each step in preparing artwork for two-color printing.

The class will be two consecutive Tuesdays: the first day will focus specifically on preparing screens for printing (for which students will create their own artwork), including selecting design, coating screens, and using the darkroom; the second day will focus on two-color printing techniques where the ink meets the paper. Students will create their own designs with sharpies on transparency film, so bring a design you like that we can trace (a printed picture of Spiderman, a poster you like, something meaningful to you). We will have some stock designs to choose from as well.

NOTE: This class is more hands-on than the Intro to Screen Printing Class, and we will be working exclusively with paper rather than shirts or other fabric (this keeps the cost down and allows for more trial and error).