metal Studio

In our metal studio, we make sculptures, boxes, curtain hooks, paperweights, candelabras, and more—and we teach you how to make them, too . We offer several introductory classes to welding, and students who complete intermediate classes have access to an experienced welders work night. Every student that takes a class leaves with their own work.

metal Studio Classes

Forging basics - Bottle opener

Price: $90
Supply fee: included
Pre-requisite: None
Ages: 18+

In this introductory metalworking class, you will learn the basics of forging different items out of steal. The course will cover safety and equipment used in forging and various forging techniques while creating your own bottle opener. Then, to wrap up the evening, test out your handy work with a great brew. Taught by local craftsman, Michael Mattox, of Mattox Knives.


Price: $90
Supply fee: included
Pre-requisite: None
Ages: 18 and older

Develop fundamental skills in creating and repairing metal objects under the instruction of Stephen Charles. This introductory class includes a crash course in the MIG welding process, metal cutting, grinding, as well as the basics of hand tool use and shop safety. Students will leave with a wide familiarity of skills and studio techniques.

NOTE: This class is a pre-requisite for the Project-Based Metalcraft class.


Price: $140
Supply fee: included
Pre-requisite: None
Ages: 18 and older

Create or repair functional metal objects; tools, furniture, hardware, etc. This class covers weld joints, fabrication techniques, measuring instruments, layout techniques, distortion control with an emphasis on good design practices, material choice, and repair procedures. Students will leave with either a new functional object or a repaired object.

NOTE: Feel free to bring a small broken metal object you’d like to repair (be aware not all items are repairable).

Wood + Metal table

Price: $385
Supply fee: Included
Pre-requisite: none
Ages: 15 and older

This six-week class combines woodworking and welding to design and build an end table or plant stand. The class is led by the awesome sculptor and UAB professor Sarah Heath. You will start by choosing a design from various options based on skill level, then move on to learning how to cut, weld, and finish your steel table bottoms in the Metal Studio. Once finished with the bottoms, you'll head to the Wood Studio for a shop orientation and to lay out their table tops from our large selection of wood. From there the wood will be cut, jointed, sanded, stained, and mounted to the steel bases for a finished project. This class is an ideal introduction to those interested in both the Wood Studio and Metal Studio and will discuss safety, basic techniques, and design considerations in each.


Currently, we are not open for metal studio memberships, but sign up for our newsletter to be notified as our metal studio offerings change.